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ירושלים של זהב
Living in Jerusalem,
from Houston, Texas


Henry Roy Photography, 2010


Mujer Perúana Ancianos (Old Perúvian Woman) by Mattalones on Flickr.

Twenty second photo shoot.He was sitting posing before I had a chance to test the lighting, and gone before I took the third shot.
by Jim Byrne  (

A dancer at the Attachamayam in Tripunithra in Kerala
by Anoop Negi


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So ya I kinda told Sean off then he got real nice
Anonymous: I want to rub your whole body. Your mind is deep and intelligent. I find it erotic how interesting you are. Also don't be afraid to display your nudity I think it's punk rock and your future husband is a lucky guy.

I’m not afraid to show my nudity but I don’t want people saving my pictures and shit. I’m very open with my body at home lol. Thanks for the compliments. I don’t really know what seems interesting about me via tumblr though. The only things I’ve been posting about are how sad I am. And I don’t understand the punk rock bit


I feel like I’m not allowed to be sad because I’m spending the year in Israel and just had an amazing trip to Amsterdam with one of my best friends and my life seems really ideal
But living so well knowing that my best friend doesn’t get to experience anything is very difficult. I am constantly so sad and then I feel guilty and I don’t want to be rude to my friends who are trying to have a good time with me but I just want to mope in my depression but I don’t even have time for that. I’m going on a five day hike across Israel and then a week long desert seminar and then a week of coexistence with Arabs so time for Netflix and sadness is really minimal. I’m so obnoxious complaining about all this but I miss Emma and I want more time to process all of this. I want more time to cry. I need to let it out. I can’t cry in an apt with 6 roommates or on a hike w 50 people.
I just wanna go home
But when else will I have the opportunity to hike across Israel??? Emma would be real disappointed if I left early and missed this stuff just so I could go be sad at home.

I am so sad I’m gonna cry wow :((( ema how could you do this